Aloha, Joe! Thank you for all you do! Each time we grow and love and demonstrate love and kindness, generosity and hope and faith, as well as compassion, we are not only enhanced by our choices'; we help others on the path and help our ancestors. I love the direction, you have chosen to take, and I thank you. I think of the story of the 100th monkey and that we are here to be, do and have our purpose revealed as we extend our personal growth that permeates others and all we do. We/"it" is all interconnected. Amen, namaste' and great blessings! As Captain Picard would say, "Engage!" You are loved!!

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It is great that you are going to talk with students about the relevance of the message of the body.

It is such a marginal topic in today's society, and yet one of the quickest and more authentic pathways to a fuller life.

As my Zen teacher says, “The mind is complex, the body is simple”.

So why obsessing over the complexities of the mind, when we can simply listen to the body?

This is might take on the concept I have shared last week. You and your readers might like it! https://livmkk.substack.com/p/the-mind-is-complex-the-body-is-simple

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