Brother Joe,

I empathize with your losses along the way very deeply. It literally brought me some tears to read this. I know the pain of betrayal things falling apart and how much that hurts. When we deeply love and care about something, someone or a group and they turn on us (or we lose them) and they no longer see our inherent value, it is like a stab to the heart. I understand the pain and heartbreak!

In the end, the lessons are the most powerful and YOU are learning them. I am so proud of you man and the hard work you put into make this world more beautiful. It makes my heart feel hope and joyous. I am so glad you are here with us. I want to say that again.

I love you my friend and never give up! Stay strong warrior.

Big love,


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I stumbled across Collective Evolution in 2016 while immersed in a tumultuous period of introspection and spiritual discovery and have been a fan ever since. People ARE listening so keep up the great work and stay curious. πŸ˜‰

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Thank you for being so honest and vulnerable.

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Deep share. Thanks for your work even after all of these tough circumstances. As a long time reader I often wondered how things were behind the scenes and this helps give with a peek behind the curtain. Truly hope things improve for y'all.

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