Any disregulation of the CNS is trauma. You have a whole paragraph of “chronic stress”

But fail to draw the line that when you can’t handle the stress of every day life .. you are in fact, in a trauma response. You also fail to accurately acknowledge medical insult as a biological trauma to our bodies, which does register as trauma to the brain, although perhaps not the mind. As a survivor of trauma who works to help others regain their sense of power, I would offer that you look more closely at trauma as you discuss it.

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Hi Paula, Thanks for reading.

I have to say off the top this article was meant to guide readers to the 1 hour 25 minute conversation between Irene and I where we go into all the things you brought up in more detail.

My write up wasn't meant to cover every detail about trauma, only some high level thoughts for relatability purposes. What you have stated about trauma is correct and I don't disagree, it just wasn't my intention to cover every detail in writing before leading into the conversation.

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Thank you. I appreciate that. I often hear incomplete discussions on trauma, so I really appreciate your response

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