Cool experience. Also thanks for the insight on fear and anxiety with this stuff. I remember first doing a kundalini meditation and becoming quite afraid of what I felt in terms of energy. I shied away from it for months after, only because I was unsure of what to expect. Because I had struggled with anxiety for quite a while prior to the experience, I was afraid of having it rise up again. I stuck with regular meditation practices for a while until I felt I could navigate higher frequency feelings more comfortably. Was a good choice for me!

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A few years ago I had a dream where I was hanging out with some friends outside and it was really windy. I was leaning into the wind and leaned over really far like Michael Jackson, and I said "hee hee", and my friends and I were laughing. Then, all of the sudden I started to float up like a kite and I was floating a few feet above the ground. I started thinking that there is no way that this is really happening, and then all of the suddenly realized that I was dreaming. Then, once I realized I was dreaming I decided to see if I could float up higher, so I kept on going higher, and then started flying around town and it seemed very realistic. Since then, I will occasionally realize that I am dreaming, and I can fly in the dream whenever that happens.


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My number one religious experience was also an OBE.

I was plagued for 5 years by sleep paralysis events coupled with super-short nightmare clusters, weird hypnagogic hallucinations, the purest form of fear I've ever felt, batteries of consecutive false awakenings, just pure hell.

And always there was this sound, this unbearably loud and threatening electric vibration that I could just let pass through me until it was over. Just painful.

The first time I googled "vibration can't move falling asleep" must've been around 2001. I repeated this a few times without finding anything other than anecdotes about Incubi, until finally, sometime in 2005 I think, I found a forum about Astral Travel.

It was all bullshit to me then, but people were apparently desperately practicing to reach this state of vibration that was plaguing me. So weird. They said it happens when the soul tears itself lose from the body.

I ordered a book about it, read the first 42 pages, repeated a mantra (I will leave my body), drifted off, had another ultra-short nightmare, awoke, noticed the vibration...

Which for the first time did not feel like grenades going off inside my head. All sense of doom was gone. It didn't seem as loud as it used to be either, neither was it "electrical" or physically painful in nature.

It just an extremely soothing humming sensation. Orgasmic actually.

As I had learned in the book, I can only control the astral body with my toughts, not my motor cortex. I thought to myself "I am floating out of my body" and WHOOOOSH I shot up through the roof.

I looked at my left hand and it was semi-transparent and glittering. Moving it left trails of tiny glittering stars in the air.

I flew around for what must've been 30 seconds or so (I remember the path like it was yesterday), thought about my body and ZZZZZZZZZZIP was back in bed, wide awake.

I began to cry. That was probably the most joyous moment of my life.

The phenomena stopped occurring after this. I got another pretty nice experience, but after that it was all muddled and dark.

So this healed the sleep paralysis thing.

It also taught me a lot about fear and how expectation distorts perception.

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